How to Survive the Moose Knuckle Coat Frenzy

Posted by Vice News on March 28, 2018 03:18:53When it comes to winter gear, you’ve got to have a little bit of everything, and that means getting a coat, gloves, and a hat.

Here are our top tips for surviving the winter with no winter hat or coat, and what to wear under it:1.

Wear a hat2.

Make sure to wear it underneath a jacket3.

Bring a hat if you want to avoid the dreaded sweater weather.

It’s a great way to stay warm, and it’s a nice way to look cool when it’s cold.4.

If you’re wearing a hat, get one that’s wide enough to cover your entire head.

A large hat that covers your whole head is better than a smaller one that covers only your face.5.

If the coat you’re in doesn’t cover your whole face, wear a mask, too.

A mask makes it more difficult for the cold to get to your face, so you can breathe easier, stay cool, and get to work more easily.6.

When you go outdoors, wear gloves, too7.

Wear hat if it’s warmer than you normally would, and make sure it covers your entire face and neck, too8.

If there’s snow or ice in the air, wear your snow shoes to help keep you warm.

You don’t want your feet to freeze to death in the snow.9.

You should always bring a hat and a snowshoes if you have to go to a snow event.

It can be hard to get a hat that fits in your mouth when you’re trying to eat.10.

When it’s really cold outside, you can wear gloves and a scarf.

You can also wear gloves while walking.11.

Keep your coat and hat warm.

It’ll keep you cooler in the winter and help keep your feet warm.

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