How to make a rustic, rustic barber shop

A rustic pub is a place where locals, who may have never been to a barber, can make their own friends.

For most barbers, the pub is just the place to do their work and enjoy a few hours of respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

But for a few barbers in the downtown core, the barbershop is a stepping stone to the bigger city.

It’s a place to get a haircut, get your nails done and do your hair.

The only difference is that they are all doing it at a barbers pub.

They’re all working together.

The barbershops are a new phenomenon in Toronto and, as such, many barbers and salon owners are hoping to find their niche in the city’s booming urban environment.

They want to serve their customers well.

And they want to make their customers feel like their barbers are part of the community.

“I’m very much in this community and it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do,” said Michael Zukowski, owner of the barbering salon on King Street West, where he works.

“I just love the atmosphere and the people, and I think the city is such a good place to be a barbie.

There’s just something about the community, the atmosphere, the people.”

He and his barber partner, Michael Sowinski, started working together when they moved to Toronto from England in 2015.

They wanted to open a bar on King St. West.

Zukowski, who’s from Cornwall, was looking for a place that was small, had a friendly staff and was not too expensive.

Sowinski wanted a place with a relaxed atmosphere and a friendly vibe.

He thought that the bar should be a bit more of a casual hangout.

He also knew that Zukowksi had been doing barbers for a number of years.

They agreed to collaborate on a bar in a converted industrial building that Zuckowski had converted into a salon.

He found a new, older building, and they opened a bar there.

They worked with the owners to build the space into a comfortable barber salon.

“The barber’s office was on the first floor and I worked from the second floor,” Zukowsky said.

Now the bar is an old-fashioned, open space that he and his partner use for a range of tasks.

“We use our hands to cut hair,” he said.

“You can come in here and have a haircut.

Or you can go out and buy a bottle of water.

Or, you can do a manicure.

Or go out to lunch and have some chips.

It can be a great place to work.”

The space has become a place for many to hang out.

The barbers now work from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., and they have three locations in the building: a basement, the basement and the upper level.

They have a bar called The Barbershop in the basement, which serves drinks and snacks and a bar for the weekend.

The upstairs bar, which hosts regular live music, has been closed off for many years, and the upstairs bar offers the barbing classes.

Zukowski and Sowowski have partnered up to open The Barber Shop in a former industrial building on King street west.

It will be the first bar in the area.

Zuzowski and his girlfriend, Emily Kukowski from London, will be opening their first bar, The Bar and Kitchen, at the same location.

Both of them started out in the bar industry as barbers.

Zukiowski worked in the kitchen, but then left for London to start a bar and restaurant business.

Zakowski has worked in retail, catering, hospitality, and a few other roles over the years.

Kukowsi has worked as a chef, and is working on opening a bar at their current location.

She said she wants to focus on her career, and she hopes to have a place open by the end of this year.

In a similar situation, Michael G. Johnson, the owner of The Bar, said he is excited about opening a new bar and is looking forward to opening The Bar at the end, after closing The Bar.

“It’s a really exciting time for barbers,” Johnson said.

It has been a tough year for the bar and salon industry in Toronto.

Barbers have had to cut back on hours and cut back their hours of operation.

Johnson said the bar business has been hit hard by the government’s new restrictions on foreign workers, which he said hurt barbers even more.

Barbers are often not able to work on weekends or evenings and the days they can work are very limited.

Johnson has decided to open up the bar on Saturday evenings and to work the weekend shift on Sunday nights.

He said that has helped

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