Zara’s new coat is a perfect way to show your style—and get a discount

ZARA’S first new coat since 2012 is a gorgeous white lace-up with a soft and luxurious feel, and the brand says it’s an ideal way to demonstrate your style.

Zara, the Italian fashion brand, announced it was launching the Zara Coat on Wednesday, and it’s available for preorder now for $100.

It’s the brand’s most affordable new coat to date, and there’s a nice assortment of colors to choose from, from red and gold to blue and pink.

It will also be available in limited quantities at select Zara stores around the country, including its flagship Manhattan stores.

The new coat will be available for $75 at starting on August 31, but you can also buy it for $55 at on August 27.

You can see more of the jacket and get an exclusive sneak peek of its design at 

Zara is the latest in a line of fashion brands that have been exploring new ways to make their brands more accessible.

Last year, Gap announced it would be introducing new colors for its namesake apparel brand, and in 2018, the fashion house also announced a $20 credit for every $10 spent on its new $50+ dress code.

But Zara has found new ways for its brand to appeal to younger women, with the new coat.

It also features a new design for the brand website, which shows off the brand and its logo at the top of the page, with a photo of a young girl wearing the coat at the bottom.

The brand says the new design is inspired by Zara and has “the power to create a timeless, beautiful silhouette.”

Zara will be launching a new range of coats this year, including a $40 dress code and a new $65+ dress. 

I am so excited to try this new coat Zara! 

 I have never seen a Zara coat and I am so happy it’s here! 

I love the zigzag pattern on the sleeve. 

The new coat was designed by ZARA’s design team, who were inspired by the design of the company’s first coat, the ZARA Maternity Coat, which was unveiled in 2011.

In that design, the brand used zigzags and curves to express a sense of balance, so the new Zara jacket takes cues from those features.

ZARA said in a statement that the new jacket “has a soft, plush feel that is both comfortable and elegant,” and that it “provides a new way to express your personality and style while giving you the option to choose one color to complement your favorite style or one color for a more traditional look.” 

The Zara Maternity coat was made of soft fabric, a soft leather upper, and zippers that allow you to close your coat securely. 

 The jacket also has a large zipper pocket that fits around your wrists, a small waistband, and a hood that closes around your head. 

There are two color options, a red and a pink, that will be offered for purchase starting in September.

You’ll also be able to choose the color that you want to wear it in the zipper pocket, the back, or on the jacket itself. 

While the jacket has a lot going for it, the price of the new suit and coat can be a bit steep, especially if you’re a fan of the original Zara style.

I can’t wait to wear this Zara Zara suit! 

For $100, you’ll get a jacket that features the ZAPERS signature zig zag design.

This design has been used by the brand for a number of years, and ZAPers new coat also features the same design. 

It’s a great coat, Zara said, and I’m looking forward to wearing it as a part of my summer collection. 

You can pre-order your ZARA coat now for pre-sale on and , and ZARA has set a date for August 27 for a general release. 

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