Women’s North Face Coat and Sweater Coat: New shades are being added to the range, but will still cost £65

The North Face have announced a new range of ladies’ coats and sweaters that are more than just a fancy colour palette.

The new range will include a range of new shades, but they will still come in the £65 price range.

The range is called Clear Coat Paint and includes three new shades that will be available in both a medium and a high gloss.

These colours are: Black (a rich grey colour), Rose Gold (a gold colour), and White (a vibrant orange colour). 

The colours range also includes a range which is called Sweater Coats and is available in either a medium or high gloss colour. 

This is the same range as the range which was unveiled last year and features a range that features the popular Clear Coat paint. 

The new range is also a bit different to the previous North Face range that was available in the $75 to $85 range. 

There is a slightly smaller range available for $35 and is a lighter shade. 

These new shades are currently only available on the Men’s North face coat and Sweat Coats range.

This new range was launched in April but you can buy the full range now on the men’s men’s North FACE website. 

In terms of price, this new range should be more affordable than the previous range.

They will also be available on men’s Men’s South Face coat and sweater coats, but the price is the exact same as the $65 price. 

What do you think of the new shades?

Are you excited to try these new colours?

Let us know in the comments below!

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