Why I bought a new black coat

I was walking down the street on a recent morning and spotted this black coat rack on the ground. 

As I was about to get on my way, I realized I would need a coat rack for all the different colors of my favorite coats.

I’ve never had a coat that was so versatile and versatile with so many different shades and textures. 

The idea of a rack that could accommodate a wide variety of coats was appealing. 

I also wanted a coat with a different look and feel. 

And I wanted to keep the cost down. 

So I picked up a black coat with some of my own design and got to work. 

My goal was to create a rack so versatile that it could easily fit the needs of many different people. 

Here’s how it turned out. 

(If you’re a fan of a different style of coat, check out my black coat tutorial, or my black-patterned coat tutorial.) 


The design The first thing I did was to come up with a color palette and make a sketch of it. 

Then I thought about the color combinations I would like for the rack. 

One way I would make it easy for people to select and customize their coat was to add a coat design and a number to the end of each coat. 

This would help make it easier to compare coat colors to each other. 

To create this design, I used the “Helvetica” font I had created for the project. 

It was inspired by the way I paint on canvas and create patterns on my canvas. 

Using the same font on both sides of the rack made it easy to compare color combinations. 

With this design in mind, I added a few extra lines and color gradients to the top and bottom edges of the design. 


The layout and the color scheme The design was very simple. 

First, I created a grid of coat colors that I wanted the rack to use. 

In this case, I chose the color of the most popular color on the rack and added a number between one and three. 

On the top left of the coat, I wanted my color to be the dark green, the second most popular, and so on. 

Each coat was on its own rack.

On the bottom right of the deck, I decided to use a black or a white coat.

The number of colors on the left side of the top right was for my number of coats. 

Now that I had a few different colors on each rack, I could pick out the coat I wanted. 


Adding the numbers The next step was to put together a grid that I could easily add the numbers to. 

When adding the numbers, I always had a number of rows to the right and a row to the left of my rack.

I used a black background and some white text to help make the numbers easier to read. 

There were two rows of numbers. 


The colors and the numbers I had to do this part of the project again. 

While the design was relatively simple, it was still time consuming and frustrating. 

That’s when I decided I would add some color and a new design to make it even easier. 

For this new design, the number of numbers on the right side of my coat was a combination of the number 2, which is the same color as the color on my number, and the number 7, which was a shade of black. 

At this point, I would have to figure out what the numbers meant for the number in the bottom of the paint, but for now, I just wanted to be able to see them on my coat.


Adding an additional number on the bottom I had decided to make an additional layer of paint and add a number on top. 

These numbers were used to represent the number 1. 


Adding a new coat design After I added the paint and numbers, the rack was ready to go. 

After I finished my coat design, it wasn’t too hard to add the number to my rack design. 

 After I added my new coat, it looked like this: I could see the number I added on top of the previous one, so I added it.

 When I added more numbers, they looked even more like this (with the number on my left): I just added the last number of the last coat, so it looked even easier to see. 


Adding more coats Finally, I took my coat rack design and added some more coats.

I took a black color and placed it on the back of my left coat, as well as the left and right side. 


Adding another coat design The final step was adding the coat design to the back and bottom of my next coat.

It looked a bit different, but it looked much more complete. 


Adding more coats

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