When it comes to the best trench coats, there’s no denying that the classic style is a hit with anyone who loves the outdoors, says the Associated Press

WASHINGTON — A coat can’t be the most fashionable thing in the world if it doesn’t look great, says Charles Stahl, author of the trench coat book.

It’s an elegant and versatile item that you can wear for months on end, and it can look and feel timeless.

It’s just that the coat doesn’t have to be expensive to wear, he said.

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more versatile and easy to wear for a day in, you may want to consider a trench coat, he says.

“It’s really important to think about the fabric of the coat and how it will work with a certain purpose,” Stahl said.

“It can look good in any weather and be used for different purposes, from a trench jacket to a jacket, it can be used to protect against the elements.”

The coat is the most popular of the two coats used to cover the front and back of the person.

The traditional trench coat comes in three basic styles: the trench, the slouchy, and the jacket.

A trench coat is often worn with a woolen jacket, a coat that has a low waist, a slit at the neck, and a flap at the back.

Most trench coats are made of linen, but they can be made of cotton, cotton twill, or silk, depending on what is needed for the weather.

Slouchy trench coats have a high waist and a slit in the neck.

It comes in a wide variety of materials.

It can be a wool or nylon fabric, and sometimes is made of fabric made of polyester or wool.

In addition to the waist and neck slit, the coat can be either lined or open.

Trench coats come in three different types: the slanted, slouch, and trench.

There are also jackets that have a slit and a high front, or low back.

A slanted trench coat has a slit, a high back, and low waist.

A slouch jacket has a high neck and high waist.

It has a button closure and has a lower neck slit than a slanted coat.

A trench jacket has no slit, but has a back flap that goes down to the floor, as well as a slit that goes up to the back of your waist.

A trench coat that is made with cotton, nylon, twill or silk has a front flap and a back-sloping flap.

A jacket is a coat made of wool, cotton, twilla, or other synthetic material.

They can be lined, open, lined with fabric, or slanted.

Some trench coats come with a zipper or a drawstring, and others have no zipper or no drawstring.

Some of them come in a variety of fabrics, and some come in two different colors.

They can have the same basic coat or different coats.

Some trench coats also come in different designs, like an old school trench, a traditional, or a modern style.

Stahl says that for most people, the trench jacket is the best choice for the most basic of purposes, but that the jacket can be useful for a wider variety of situations.

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling, in a crowded town, or at a party.

You can wear the trench or the jacket to work or for errands.

“The jacket is something that you wear when you’re in a hurry or when you want to be casual,” Stalll says.

“You can wear it at home, or you can go out to a party and wear it when you have a little more time.”

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