Michael Kors is buying boys coats for his daughters, too

Michael Kor, the world’s biggest fashion designer, is buying more than 70 boys’ coats from a UK company and is making them available to his daughters.

The brothers-in-law are set to launch the new line of men’s coats on Monday, and will also be offering the coat to girls.

The line is aimed at men who are looking for a bit of style and comfort and who are keen to keep up with their sons.

The brothers-insider said the line was designed for younger boys, who like a bit more character and a little more individuality.

“They want to be the centre of attention and not just the front of a men’s coat, so we’ve designed the coat in a way that will fit them perfectly,” said the brother-inspector.

The boys’ coat is also expected to be more affordable, with prices starting at $100 ($180 in Canada) for a four-pack.

Kor is planning to start selling the new coat line in Canada at the end of the year, but the brothers-inner said he had a “good understanding” with the British government about the availability of the product in Canada.

“We’ll be able to provide them with a guarantee on the price and we will also have them contact us,” said Kors.

Kors is also working with a British company to manufacture the new coats in the U.K. The company will sell them through its online store.

The family-owned Kors Group has been the biggest fashion buyer in the world for decades and it has grown its portfolio by purchasing the brands of brands including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Gucci.

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