How to write an anti-puffer-coat meme

The white coat is back.

If you’re new to the meme, the white coat was invented by a white Canadian woman in the 1970s and has been popular for years, and it has a history of being used as a racial slur.

But in the years since it was created, it has come to be seen as a symbol of white privilege, even as its use has declined in popularity.

What makes it unique is that its use is also very difficult to identify, because it is so easily misinterpreted.

Here’s how to write one.

The meme started out as a response to a tweet by comedian and black activist David Cross, who wrote that white people should be ashamed of being white.

Cross called it a “white coat” and tweeted that his “white people” are “the real racist ones.”

The meme has since spread through the internet and into the mainstream media.

It’s been used by the likes of Caitlyn Jenner and Caitlyn Miller, who recently made an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres.

The white hat was born out of a white person’s anger over the white-face controversy in 2015.

The first meme was created by a woman named Taryn McEwen, who started it on Tumblr in December.

Her first response to the backlash was to call herself “a white woman” and share the following image: It’s a photo of a woman holding a white hat.

She captioned it, “If I was white, I’d wear a white coat.

You can’t call me a racist when I don’t have one.”

The response was immediate and a hit, McEwan said.

It was then that she realized that people didn’t understand what it meant to be a white woman.

“So I said, ‘Okay, how about if I make a meme for white people to hate me?'” she said.

“And that’s when the meme started.”

That was more than a year ago, and so far, the hashtag #whitecoat has been used over 6.6 million times on Twitter.

A white woman in a white face McEWAN: It was just, ‘Oh my God, that’s a white man wearing a white scarf and I’m so white.

And so I’m not doing anything wrong.’

It was so empowering.

The response to that was so positive, that it’s just been such a wonderful thing to see.

The backlash against the white hat has since been more muted.

McEWEREN: It wasn’t a lot of backlash.

People were just like, ‘I’m not a racist.’

But now, people are just like ‘Oh, so you’re going to call yourself a racist?’

“McEWEEN: The white mask has come back, and people are saying, ‘Who is this white person?’

[White] people are the real racists, they’re the real racist.

And I think that it shows in the way people respond to it.

But it’s a very powerful thing.

When you see that, people think, ‘You know what, this is what white people look like.

You’re a white white person, and you’re not doing this.’

And I’m like, I’m still here.

It just shows that people still believe that they’re not racist.

The other part of it is, I think it’s because the people who have been so upset with it and who are so upset about the way white people are portrayed are so ignorant of what it means to be white.

But when it comes to being a white people, the way we’re portrayed in the media and how we’re presented in the mainstream is so very different.

McELLEN: If I was a white guy in the 80s, the only way I would be able to see the white person I was talking about in the meme is if I was on TV, or if I looked at my friends and they were white.

That was just my experience.

So it’s not like we’re living in a world where the white man is in a bubble.

But there’s so much negativity in the world, and there’s just a huge amount of ignorance, so it’s hard to see it.

So that’s why I’m using it, I hope it’s something that people are using and we can continue to change it.

McEYEN: And I also think it has an element of empowerment, which is, you know, you’re still seeing it, but you’re able to have the power to say, ‘No, that wasn’t me.’

I think you can still get that power.

I just think it does the best job of giving people the ability to feel like, Oh, we have a voice, and we have an opinion.

And that’s what makes it so powerful.

But that said, there are people who still hate us.

They still see us as a problem.

We’re not a problem, but we’re a problem for people to deal with. McEN

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