How to wear a long coat, plus size coat

Michael Kors has been releasing new long coats in sizes up to plus size, and now the brand is going all-out with this new “Long Coat Plus Size.”

The jacket is a full-on fur coat, featuring a padded front, an adjustable shoulder strap, and the option of adding fur to the sleeves and hem.

It’s designed to be worn with a jacket and pants and it comes in three sizes: the “Plus Size,” which is $220, the “Hairless” which is just $120, and “Large” which, depending on the size, will set you back $300. 

The jacket is made of wool, which is a softer, warmer, and more breathable fabric than most fur coats, and it’s waterproof. 

It’s also super versatile, with multiple sizes of pockets and pockets on the back, and an adjustable strap that adjusts from long to short, making it comfortable to wear anywhere from a casual casual outfit to a dressy ensemble.

There’s also a button closure and leather lining on the jacket, so you can keep it on all day long, and all of the fur on it is waterproof.

The coat also comes in a limited-edition version, which comes in both black and gray, and is only available at Michael Kor’s online store. 

Michael Kors Long Coat PlusSize Coat, fur coat options Image: Michael Korgers website Michael KORS is known for its fur coats and its collaborations with fashion houses, but they’ve also been releasing smaller, more affordable fur coats. 

In 2018, the brand launched the “M” series, which features the “S” and “M+” versions of its “Longcoat Plus Size” collection.

The “S,” the “plus size” version, has a slim, full-zip fabric, and comes in all the fur colors and sizes.

It comes in at $225 and comes with a removable waist band, while the “medium” version comes in for $240, and its fur is a lighter shade of gray. 

You can also get the “F” version for $235, which has the same material and comes as a full length coat. 

At the time of this writing, the newest “PlusSize” fur coat is still available for preorder for $260, and a few months ago, Kors also revealed that the fur version of its upcoming “M”-sized fur coat would be available in November.

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