‘Wizard of Oz’ review: ‘This is a truly magnificent tale of a family, a family that was, and is, truly exceptional’

This is a very special story.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this is a really special story for me.

It’s not just a story about Oz, it’s about a family.

There’s so much joy in it.

It’s funny, because I didn’t really get the chance to meet the kids, and I thought they’d be a bunch of weirdos.

And then, one of them called me up.

He said, “Daddy, I’m gonna be a wizard!”

And I was like, “Well, okay, we can’t let that happen, but what about my brother, my sister, my dad?”

And he’s like, [laughs] And then I was crying.

That was a really weird moment, because the moment I realized this is my brother’s story, that was so awesome.

It was one of the most moving moments I’ve ever had.

And I really like this family.

The family is all different, but the fact that they’re all all the same makes the whole family, and Oz, and the whole story, so much more relatable.

That’s a very important aspect.

I feel like the movie is really relatable, in that I can relate to every single family member, every single person that is the lead in this story.

They all feel the same way.

I mean, the guy who runs the family is very, very good-natured and very loving.

But I think that the way that they all relate to each other and to eachother is so relatable that it’s so cool to see that in a movie.

It just comes down to, is this a story you want to see?

Do you want me to tell it to you?

Because I love it.

I love the family, I love all the different characters, and it’s very important to me that people enjoy the story and that it makes sense to them.

But it’s also very important that it feels right.

So, yeah, I don’t want to ruin the movie for anyone, but I just think this is the right way to tell the story.

There are definitely some things that are confusing for people, because there’s a lot of stuff happening.

And the way I’m going to tell this is, there are things that aren’t clear, and there’s things that people can’t explain.

But what I’m hoping for is that people will just find that a lot happens in the first 10 minutes of the movie, which is really fun.

The movie is filled with a lot.

It has lots of action and a lot that’s really scary, but at the same time, you’re in a lot more places and you’re able to feel this whole family dynamic.

And so I hope people are able to connect with that, and then go, “I want to know more about this family,” or “I can see how this is connecting with this person, because this is really a family.”

It’s very different from any movie I’ve seen before.

The fact that the family dynamic is so different from anything else, and they have a sense of humor about it, is such a wonderful thing to see.

It makes it even more relocatable.

It does.

I just love the fact, because they’re so different, it makes it so much fun.

There really is no other family I’ve loved, that I’m so, so in love with.

I just love it so.

And they’re just all the right age, and just a little bit different from the average person.

It just feels right to me.

[Laughs] And the fact I’ve got to go in and get a new wardrobe, because my brother and I are wearing old clothes, that’s just not the way it is.

I would love to do a sequel.

I think they did a really good job of making it a family movie.

I hope they continue with it.

The fact that we’re in the film, it feels so right.

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