When women wear fake fur coats to work

The women in the photo are wearing fake fur coat to work, but their coats aren’t made to look like they were made by the men in the picture.

The faux fur coat looks fake because the fabric on the collar is fake.

The coat is made from synthetic material, which is made up of wool and synthetic fibers.

The fabric is a thin layer of wool bonded to the fabric of the coat, so that the fabric doesn’t get pulled out when the coat is worn.

This is because the wool and the synthetic fibers are both made up out of the same type of synthetic material: polyester.

Synthetic fibers are commonly used in synthetic fabrics.

This type of fabric is made of several layers of fibers mixed together to form a more dense, rigid material.

These fibers are also usually synthetic, which means that they are more resistant to the environment and are less likely to break down.

The synthetic fibers in a fake fur collar can be dyed to match the color of the collar.

In the photo, the fake fur collars are dyed blue.

The blue dye is made out of ethylene glycol, a chemical that is often used in plastics.

This chemical is known to cause cancer, and there have been concerns about the chemicals in synthetic fur products.

This synthetic fur collar is dyed blue because ethylene is a synthetic dye that can be used in plastic, so the dye is added to the plastic to make it look more natural.

But ethylene gas is a toxic gas that can harm people who breathe in it, and the chemicals used in the plastic are also used in other chemicals that can cause health problems.

Synthetics are sometimes sold as “natural” because they are made from natural materials.

This can make it difficult for consumers to identify the real thing from the fake.

Some of the fake women in this photo have dyed their fur to look natural, but others have dyed it to look fake.

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