When I was a kid, my mom had a coat, too. Now it’s mine

My mother was a big fan of women’s coats, especially the ones made in Canada, but she was a bit surprised when she first heard that I wanted one myself.

When she told me she could make one for me for a fraction of the cost, I was stunned.

So when I heard it was made in India, I couldn’t resist.

My mum was from the south of India and was obsessed with fashion.

She had been travelling across the country for the past 10 years to visit family and to work.

She always wore her favourite clothes and I have no doubt that the coat she made for me would have made her a millionaire in India.

My mother had the original coat made by an American couple, one who came to India from England in the 1960s.

It was made from a cotton flannel.

The fabric was long and the colour was white.

I could see how the flannel would become the perfect material for making a coat.

It wasn’t long before I started making my own.

My mother’s inspiration for the coat came from her husband’s mother, who had spent years making coats for her mother in India before they left for America.

When my mother was visiting her mother-in-law in the UK, she wanted to show her how to make the coats and invited her over to help.

When I met my mother- in-law, she was in a hurry.

She said she was ready to travel to India to make her own coat and wanted to bring her a few things with her to help her along the way.

I asked her what she wanted, and she said she wanted the coat I made.

I didn’t ask for the original one, but I did want to try and get a few ideas from her about what I wanted to make.

I was in awe of her, because she had such a unique style.

She told me that I could use her idea, but it had to be original.

I told her I was going to make a coat using the flax she had from my mother’s grandmother.

Her response was, “Why?”

She said, “It’s your mum’s favourite coat and it was one of her favourites as a child.

You can’t do anything different.”

I told my mother, “I don’t know if I can make a version that will be more comfortable than the original.

She’s a big proponent of women making their own clothes and so are I.”

After a few days of back and forth, she agreed to send me a coat made from her grandmother’s original flax coat, which she had made for her on her own.

I decided to give the coat a go and was very happy with how it turned out.

It is the most comfortable and warm coat I have ever made and has a lovely soft fabric.

It has a lot of character.

It’s really flattering.

It looks really pretty in a long coat, but also looks really stylish in a short one.

When I opened the box, I could feel the warmth in my chest.

It feels wonderful to feel this warmth in your arms and body.

The coat is also quite comfortable and lightweight, so I think I will wear it every day, even if I’m wearing a jacket.

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