The Top Ten New York City Cycling Helmets for Men

The top 10 NYC cycling helmets are all very good for their intended purposes, but if you’re looking for something to add to your cycling gear repertoire, there are several great options out there for you.

In this article, we’ll look at the best of these top helmets for men.


Noxious Helmet If you’re not familiar with Noxous, it’s the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycle helmets.

They produce helmets for every size of cyclist and are one of the leading manufacturers of cycling helmets for children and young adults.

If you’re considering a helmet for a child or teen, check out this page to learn more. 

The Noxotics Noxotic is one of my favorites for kids.

It’s a very stylish helmet, and it also comes in a number of different colors to suit a variety of kids’ tastes.

The Noxophilia Noxo-Fits features a soft-shell for easy mobility, and the visor covers a large area of the face for full face protection.

The helmet also has a built-in safety helmet mount and two large front vents for additional ventilation. 


Naxa Sport Helmet Naxa has a very successful history in cycling helmet design, and this Naxo-S is a very popular helmet among cyclists.

The helmets feature a hardshell for protection, but the hardshell has been improved with an anti-freeze coating.

It has a mesh frame, and there are three different visors for different styles of cycling.

Nylon on the outside of the helmet has also been improved to improve breathability. 


Nioxos NoxoS and Noxa NoxobiNXN models feature mesh frames with anti-fog and breathable panels on the inside, respectively.

The front vents are large and offer additional ventilation, and they have removable headband pads to prevent the helmet from getting caught in your hair.

The visor is made of a special, waterproof polyester that will hold your breath and allow for ventilation.

It also comes with an additional helmet mount to secure it to your head, which is very handy.

The new NoxodinNX is a great option for the more discerning cyclist.

It features a very comfortable mesh frame that’s made to help reduce the chances of a bump in the road, plus a wide mesh mesh front to give your head a little more support. 


Nixi Noxi and Nixo Noxon models feature a soft shell and an anti freeze coating on the inner frame.

The vents are made of polyester and provide additional ventilation and breathability, and their vents are removable. 


Nippa Nix and Nippo Nix models feature an anti freeze coating on their frame and front vents.

The top vents are also made of an anti freezing polyester. 


Nxodin NX and Nxo Nxono models feature polyester frames, and these helmets feature two small front vents on the top of the head, two small vents on either side of the frame, a removable helmet mount, and an additional vent in the rear. 


NXodin and Naxos Nxonic models feature soft shells and an Anti Freeze coating on both the inner and outer frame. 


Nipti Nipto and Niptos Nipton models have a soft outer shell and a mesh inner frame that features two large vents on each side. 


Nio Nio and NioNio models feature the same soft outer and mesh inner shell and two vents on both sides of the back. 


Niho Nihos Niha Nihoc and Nihomo Nihoo models feature different soft outer shells and mesh frames, which have an anti fog coating on one side, a waterproof polyurethane coating on another side, and a dual ventilated design on the back, with removable headbills. Read More

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