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“The Great White Way” article “When I first heard the word ‘disco,'” the producer of “The Dixie Chicks,” who has worked with the likes of R&B superstar T.I., wrote in an email, “I thought it was just a cool word, like a hip hop reference.

Then I started to understand it’s a metaphor for how we live.

It’s a way of life.”

In the spirit of the word, here’s what the word means in more detail.

What it means when used as a synonym for “disco” in hip hop The word “dixie” is usually associated with Southern Southern music, especially the Southern rap music of the ’60s and ’70s.

In those days, the most popular form of Southern music was rock ‘n’ roll, with the music influenced by the blues, soul, and gospel.

It also included a lot of Southern slang terms.

One of the most common terms was “dixies,” which were slang terms for women that included short skirts, long hair, and a wide-set mouth.

In addition to the traditional black woman, “diz” and “dick” were popular in the 1960s, which are often used as terms for white women.

As the phrase “dip-dee dip” goes, the women of the Southern genre were often dressed in short skirts and long hair.

The term was popular in a period of the 1960’s, and its use was widespread in that time period.

For example, a 1958 article in the Washington Post noted that “Dixie’s Daughters,” a popular Southern group, was “a little bit more refined in their style than Dixie Daughters, which were often too loud and too rough.

The Daughters’ ‘dippin’ dixies’ were often called ‘dixie dresses’ and their dresses ‘dixie dresses’ were called ‘dress dresses.'”

The New Yorker, a magazine often associated with “Southern” culture, wrote that the group was “punch-drunk, and the clothes were so tight they’d give a little trouble.”

Another magazine, The Saturday Evening Post, called the group “doll-dropping, gang-rap women.”

These descriptions were often met with incredulity and ridicule.

It was said that the Dixie Dolls were “the most beautiful thing you could see in America,” and the Daughters were “dressed in dixie dresses and dippin dress boots.”

The term “dipp” was also used in a lot more than the Southern Southern genres.

In fact, “Dippin Dixie” was actually a catchphrase of sorts in the early 1960s for the Dippin Donuts chain restaurant chain, which also featured a lot on the TV show “Duck Dynasty” (a popular television show in the ’70’s) and other shows.

The name was derived from the name of the famous Dixie Girl in the song “Dee Dipp,” and was used to refer to the women who wore long, short skirts.

When the term “Diwos” was used in that context, the term meant short-sleeved.

What “dipping” meant in hip-hop The “ditch dip” is the phrase that most frequently came up in discussions about “dunking,” or “dancing in heels,” or the phrase slangly referred to as “dips.”

When the phrase was first coined, it referred to women who danced in heels.

But it quickly became known as a term for a variety of things.

For instance, in the mid-1960s, the slang term “slapper” referred to an African-American woman who danced around the dance floor with a shoe on her foot.

And in the 1970s, it was used as slang for a woman who was in the throes of pregnancy.

And the word “nigga” also used to be used to describe women who were inebriated, but was later used as an adjective.

What’s more, it became popular in hiphop in the late ’60’s, in addition to being used as the phrase for a specific kind of dancing.

“The first record I heard of ‘dip dipping’ was on the radio in the 90’s,” one of the artists involved in the “dipti-dip” movement told The New Republic in 2009.

“I was in high school and my friends and I were hanging out in the dorms.

We were all wearing the same thing: shorts, T-shirts, and skirts.

I remember it was a time when the hip-hoppers were on the rise, and everyone was wearing short skirts to go to school.

And we were all dancing, and I remember seeing these guys, these niggas, and it just clicked for me that this was the way that this thing was supposed to be.” And

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