Powder coating colors for your new 2018 Mazda MX-5 Miata

It’s time to freshen up your paint job, whether you’re looking to add a few more custom details to your MX-4 or you just want to make a statement.

The MX-6 Miata gets a powder coating color scheme that is both light and dark.

The Mazda MX6 Miatos base color is white, but the powder coating colors on the base color and on the side skirts add an extra dash of flair.

The front side skirts also add another dimension to your appearance, giving the Miata a bit more of a sporty look.

You’ll want to use a paint brush or a nail gun to apply your powder coating to your car.

The powder coating should be applied in layers.

Start with the side and rear skirts, then the top of the door panels, and the back of the bumper.

Start from the base of the front fender, and then work your way down to the lower half of the roof.

Make sure to apply a little bit of powder onto the outside of the engine bay.

Next, apply the powder to the outside edge of the rear spoiler, where it’ll look like the rear of the car is painted on.

Next, apply some powder on the outside corners of the side doors.

Next you’ll want some powder applied to the side grille and rear bumpers.

Finish with some powder in the center of the taillights and taillight housings.

The MX-3 and MX-8 have powder coating on the rear bump plates, while the MX-9 and MX5 have powder on all the bumpers and tailiest of the bump areas.

You can get more detail on the powder coatings here.

The rear taillocks also get some special treatment.

They’re not all that visible with powder on them, but there are a few areas that are covered with a slightly darker color.

Next up is the front taillamps, which are covered in powder and have an added dimension.

The back taillamp, for example, is covered in some light powder on one side and some dark powder on another.

You can get some powder from a small nail gun, but you’ll need to spray paint the entire surface.

If you’re unsure if you have the right spray paint, check the directions on the bottle.

If you’re really into powder coating, check out these other posts on the MX series.

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