How to dress up in winter, as Canadian goose coats get a winter makeover

Canadians are warming up their winter coats for their 2018 coronavirus season by wearing them in warmer, more colorful colors, the country’s largest travel agency has announced.

The Canadian Travel Council has unveiled its 2018 winter coats and coats of honour.

The Council of Canadians has made a point of showcasing its winter coats in warm colors in recent years, but this year is different.

The Council said that in 2017, it partnered with brands like Zara, Puma and The North Face to design and produce the coats, which are made in the United States.

The jackets have been popular with travelers, who say they look great in colder weather, with a warmer fabric and warmer stitching.

But there are some who have noticed that the jackets are getting a little more heavy, which could make them less comfortable for those who need to carry them around.

The Canadian Travel Alliance said it is committed to creating a safe, stylish and safe winter coat for all Canadians.

It is looking to bring back traditional styles, but the council said it hopes to encourage the use of new materials, like nylon and polyester, for the coats.

“We’ve worked closely with the Council of Canadian designers to ensure that the new coats are made with high quality fabrics, and offer the best possible fit and comfort,” the council’s communications director, Amanda Riddell, said in a statement.

“There is a wide range of options available to choose from when purchasing your winter coat and we hope to inspire you to try them on, which will give you the chance to tell us what you think about them.”

The coats will be available at select retailers nationwide.

For more information on the council, visit its website and watch the video below.

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