A simple QR code with a QR code scanner for Android and iPhone

Crypto Coins news | Posted November 01, 2018 00:26:17A QR code reader is a type of QR code that has the ability to scan and store text and other data.

This type of scanner is used by many apps and services to make payment requests.

For example, when you purchase an item with an app, it sends the customer a QRcode, which can be scanned using a QR reader app.

The QR code can then be redeemed for the item.

You can read more about QR codes in this article about QR code scanning.

QR code scanners have several features.

You need to provide an app or website with a location that can be read by a QR scanner.

You will then be given a QR-code that can scan the QR code.

This QR code is then linked to the location and can be redeemed.

You don’t need to know anything about QR technology or the QR-codes themselves, which is a great feature.

You could also scan the code with an external app and send the QRcode to someone else via text message, email, or a QR app.

QR codes are used for a wide range of things, from purchasing online to sending money in-app.

QR scanners are used by apps and websites to make payments and can also be used to purchase items from third-party merchants, such as gift card issuers, gift card processors, and more.

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