Why powder coating is key to ta nehisis success

Ta Nehisi Coates has been riding the momentum of his third consecutive Nike+ ad campaign.

He has the latest Nike+ campaign to showcase his unique style and the brand’s commitment to providing quality, affordable shoes and apparel for the community.

Now, the Ta Nehasi Coaches have a chance to show that their brand is the next big thing.

Read moreA few months ago, Ta Nehadis success in running his own shoe company inspired a new ad campaign from Nike+.

The ad features Ta Neheis shoes in every color, including black and white.

“He’s the new kid on the block,” says Nike+ creative director Ryan O’Keefe.

“Ta Nehisis shoe design has really come a long way in the last couple of years, and it’s all about how you use the materials you use.

Nike+’s Ta Nehismi coatings are made from a unique blend of leather and a proprietary powder coating, which creates a lightweight and durable finish that will last forever.”

Ta Neheises shoes have been featured in ad campaigns with other brands including Calvin Klein, Under Armour, Gap, and Prada.

In his latest ad, the brand has teamed up with Nike+ to create a new style called the Ta-Nehisi, which is designed with a sleek design and an eye-catching design.

The Ta-Nesi coat will be released in March.

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