When can you order an outdoor coat in Canada?

CANADA The weather in Canada has finally turned cold. 

On Friday, December 19, the mercury fell to a low of 0 degrees Celsius and was hovering around minus 7 degrees, making it the coldest December since records began in 1895. 

The coldest month in Canada’s recorded history is set to hit January 2018, when temperatures can drop to minus 10 degrees. 

 In fact, it is already snowing in Canada, and snowstorms are possible in some parts of the country. 

According to the weather bureau, December is already one of the colder months on record, with December’s temperature of minus 1.3 degrees centigrade being the coldEST recorded. 

In January, it’s expected to reach minus 1 degree Celsius. 

And the cold isn’t just confined to the country’s east. 

Temperatures are expected to be colder in northern Ontario and parts of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Northwest Territories. 

On Thursday, December 12, the temperature dropped to minus 5 degrees Celsius.

In December, January is also expected to drop to -10 degrees Celsius, making December the coldst month in recorded Canadian history.

The temperature is also predicted to be below freezing in much of the eastern United States, with the cold snap expected to hit New York City and Chicago this weekend. 

December’s low temperature is expected to last through January. 

Snow has fallen in some areas, including Calgary and Edmonton, and there are reports of high temperatures in many other parts of Canada. 

Some people may be concerned about winter. 

“I don’t think it’s just me,” says Sarah Savage. 

Sven Wolterwald says he has been using an outdoor jacket on his winter hikes in the Rockies. 

Worried that the cold would make it difficult to go outside, he has only been outside his house once in December, when he wore a jacket for a few hours. 

Still, Wolterwald doesn’t feel comfortable wearing an outdoor vest to work and to school.

“It would be nice if I could wear a coat, but not to the extent that I have been,” he says.

“And I think it would make me feel colder.” 

Wolves aren’t the only animals with cold weather fears. 

A snowy owl, for example, is one of Canada’s biggest wildlife. 

It is so cold, that some people say it can’t be heard over the snowy mountains. 

But wildlife experts agree that wolves, as well as some other big predators, are also seeing their winters get colder, due to climate change. 

For example, the population of black bears has been increasing, and a recent study found that the number of bears in a park could drop by up to 70 per cent if warmer temperatures continue to hit the western United States. 

Scientists say that, in the future, it may become easier for people to get outdoors and get outside as much as possible. 

While the weather will still be cold in the mountains, it could become much colder in cities, as the cold weather could affect the transportation system. 

Many people are hoping for warmer weather to continue in the winter, even if the cold is a little bit longer in the air. 

Downtown Toronto, for instance, will be freezing again this weekend, and will likely stay that way for the next few weeks. 

However, for people in downtown Toronto who prefer to spend their winters outside, the winter will probably get much colder than the cold of winter before it. 

Winter in Canada could get a lot colder, and in some places, colder. 

More to come…

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