How to be a black coat woman

The black coat is everywhere.

Black coats have been adopted as an icon of black culture.

Black men have been known to sport them in public.

The black coats have even been worn in court, including by black women. 

But, as with many symbols of cultural appropriation, there’s an uncomfortable history behind the idea that black women wear black coats. 

In this episode of the Black Hat Podcast, we discuss how black women have long had a role as white women in a predominantly white culture, and why it’s often assumed that black men don’t wear black jackets. 

Plus, black women face an ongoing cultural appropriation crisis that can impact their ability to express themselves. 

We’re also joined by Amy Fagan, a white, cisgender black woman who works at a company that designs black-themed clothing for black women and men. 

Black hats, black coats, and black women are just some of the things black women may wear or wear in public, but the history of their use is not as well understood as it is by white people. Join Amy Fagan, Shonda Rhimes, Caitlin Jenner, Lily James, and Mackenzie Bates as they discuss the meaning and history of black women wearing black coats in a diverse and challenging culture. 

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