Inside the $1M black trench coat that made Kanye West famous

Inside the first-of-its-kind black trenchcoat, made of epoxy floor and wool, made Kanye Kanye West’s famous.

The designer of the garment, Michael Smith, told The Hollywood Reporter that the jacket is a tribute to the late rapper’s life and career, and he plans to sell it on the internet in six months.

The jacket, a custom-made one-of is a part of the “KanyeWest’s Black” campaign.

Smith told THR that he wanted to show how much the artist had touched his life, and that he had to make it unique.

The coat, which cost $1 million to make, features a black trench and a black jacket.

Smith said that the coat’s main purpose is to show the influence of the rapper’s music, and to encourage people to be a part the artist’s legacy.

He added that the only other time he ever wore it was at the Grammys, where he won Best Rap Album and Best Rap Song.

“I wanted to have something that would speak to Kanye’s legacy and his influence,” Smith said.

“The jacket was designed with a different look than Kanye’s jacket, but it was definitely meant to look like him.

It’s very personal and it’s a testament to the life that he has lived and the legacy he has left behind.”

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