Which winter coat is the most fashionable?

A new survey published by the Jewish news site The Jerusalem Times, however, seems to suggest that some women in Israel are still opting for the traditional winter coat.

According to a new poll from the website’s survey team, some 35% of women in the country’s capital are currently wearing a winter coat, compared to just 10% of men.

The poll found that over half (56%) of women, and 60% of the men, said they “don’t feel comfortable wearing a coat in public”.

Over half (54%) of the women who responded to the survey said they do not wear a winter jacket.

The survey also found that about a quarter (25%) of Israeli women said they had never worn a winter-related item.

The Women’s Winter Coat Study, conducted by the Israeli Institute for Public Policy Research (IIPPPR), is based on an online survey of 2,788 women in Tel Aviv and Haifa between November and February.

It surveyed 1,800 respondents, including 3,974 women aged 18 to 50.

The women in question were asked about their winter coat usage, whether they were wearing it in public or at home, whether it was a winter or summer coat, whether the coat was a white winter coat or a black winter coat and whether they thought it was appropriate to wear a jacket over the coat.

Among the survey’s findings:Of the women in this age group, 43% of those aged 18-50 said they used a winter winter coat in the past year.

Of those women who said they did not wear one in the last year, 58% said they were “not comfortable” wearing it.

Of the respondents who said that they used one in their last year and had not worn it in the year before, about half (51%) said they didn’t feel they should wear it.

More women in that age group said that the coat should be “shirled” and that they “do not think it is appropriate” to wear it out of public.

Only 14% of respondents aged over 50 said that their winter coats should be shirled, with the rest saying that they are “not bothered” by the fact that they don’t use them in public.

The study also asked the women about the “cool factor” and whether their coats are “very stylish”.

Respondents were also asked about the coat’s “coolness factor”, which was asked to rank the coat based on its “cool” factor, its “fitness factor” (a number indicating how well it protects against the elements) and its “comfort factor” – a number indicating whether the jacket is comfortable to wear over the jacket or not.

Nearly three-quarters of the respondents (72%) said that there is a “cool aspect” to their winter jackets, with about a third (33%) saying that it has “favourable” characteristics, while 21% said that it “neutral” and 15% “neutral”.

“Winter coats are a favourite accessory for many Israelis, and most are bought with a warm feeling.

Some wear a black coat or wool jacket with the coat and are more comfortable than others,” said IIPPPR president Eli Herzog in a statement.”

This poll reveals that in the age of the Internet and social media, women are increasingly searching for a more fashionable winter coat.”IIPP PR said that “the data show that there are many women in our country who are interested in owning a winter hat, but there are also many who are reluctant to do so”.”

This study also shows that there’s an enormous demand for a winter garment, even for those who don’t necessarily have the resources to invest in one,” Herzog added.

The IIPP PR poll was conducted on December 12-16.

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