Which states should be considered blue states?

Democrats have long touted the possibility that Democrats will retake the Senate in 2018.

But with President Trump and his supporters insisting that they need to win back the White House, the party has struggled to get beyond the purple state of Virginia.

Republicans have seized on the idea that it is not necessary to flip red states like Alabama or North Carolina.

In recent weeks, Trump has taken to calling out Republicans in blue states for voting against legislation that would have repealed and replaced the Affordable Care Act.

The GOP has also tried to paint Democrats as anti-white, saying that many African-American and Hispanic voters have abandoned Democrats for Trump and the Republicans.

And in recent weeks Trump has been critical of the GOP, claiming that it was behind the failed healthcare bill, which was also passed by Republicans.

With the 2018 midterm elections approaching, the GOP has been trying to paint the Democrats as obstructionists and the Democrats, anti-Trump.

It has also pushed back against efforts by Democrats to get their own legislation passed.

On Monday, a group of senators held a hearing in which they pressed the administration to make changes to the bill to allow more insurers to sell across state lines.

But a White House official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the process, said there were no such changes under consideration.

The administration has also been accused of pushing for changes to key provisions of the bill.

The president has repeatedly called out Republicans for voting to gut the Affordable Act and has threatened to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood.

In an interview with CBS News on Monday, the president said, “You know, we don’t like people to be able to buy insurance, and you know, people will be able buy insurance through the exchange.

That’s what I want.”

The White House has been pushing back against Republicans for their opposition to the Affordable Health Care Act, which the president called a “terrible, horrible law.”

White House Press Secretary Lindsay Walters told reporters Monday that the administration had not proposed any changes to health care legislation to the Congressional Budget Office, which would give the administration more time to respond to the president’s criticism.

The White and Senate Democratic leaders are expected to meet on Tuesday to discuss a bill to repeal and replace the ACA.

They will also hold a second meeting on Wednesday.

Democrats have also been pushing for a tax cut that would help people afford health insurance.

But the White Senate has been unable to get the votes to pass a bill.

Republicans will likely continue to try to get Democrats to vote for a budget bill, despite their efforts to get a measure passed.

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