Trump administration to unveil new regulations on the woolen coats

President Donald Trump’s administration will unveil new rules on the importation of fur coats into the United States on Tuesday, but the move could have major implications for domestic fur production, which has been the target of an unprecedented crackdown in recent years.

The Interior Department will issue new rules aimed at “ensuring the protection of the fur trade from the import of imported fur coats,” the department said in a memo to industry and animal welfare groups.

“These new regulations will apply to fur imported from abroad and imported by retailers,” the agency said.

“The proposed rules will prohibit imports of fur coat imports from China, which is currently the world’s leading importer of fur.

We have previously proposed a similar rule for imported fur from Canada, but those proposals have not been adopted.

These new rules will ensure that fur imports from countries that are not members of the EU are not subject to import restrictions.”

The new regulations, which are expected to be published in the coming weeks, will apply “to imported fur coat imported from China and imported to the United Sates,” according to the memo.

“This new rule will be effective on January 6, 2020,” the memo said.

Trump’s proposed new rules could have a major impact on the domestic fur industry.

A federal judge ruled in October that fur imported to China from the U.S. is not protected by federal law.

The judge found that the import ban would violate the Animal Welfare Act of 1966, the U

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