How to make your own Macys trench coat from scratch

How to Make Your Own Macys Trench Coat from Scratch article I first saw this macys trench jacket a few years ago on a few occasions, but I haven’t really worn it since.

It’s a nice-looking jacket with lots of pockets and a nice jacket body.

It looks quite modern in its design and style.

The coat has a classic “patent-pending” feel to it.

However, this jacket isn’t as stylish as I would have liked.

Here are the main drawbacks with this macy trench coat.

First of all, you won’t be able to change it from coat to coat in the same pocket.

This is why you need a zippered pocket to keep all your keys and valuables.

Secondly, it’s a lot more cumbersome to put on and take off.

It also requires extra effort to take off your coat.

Lastly, this trench coat doesn’t really fit in a trench coat pocket.

If you’re looking for something to wear in the middle of the day, this isn’t a good option.

However you might be able in the next post.

It may be a little too heavy to wear on your shoulder. 

How to Make your Own Macy Trench Jacket from Scrap paper and scraps, red coat tavern article How To Make Your Original Macys Red Coat Tavern Jacket From Scrap Paper and Scrap ScrapSource Google News  (India) 1.

Make sure your fabric is dry, clean, and free of any oils, waxes, or oils or chemical preservatives (if applicable).


Cut a small rectangle about 20 cm (7 inches) in length from your fabric and fold it over itself until you have a flat surface.

Fold it in half again to make a flat, square shape.


Place the folded rectangle in the center of your zippable pocket, with a zipped pocket at the end.


Using a sewing machine, sew your edges together with a 1.5 cm (0.3 inch) seam allowance.


Make a 1 cm (1 inch) pocket with a 2 cm (5 inch) hem at the back of the fabric.


Put your zipped pockets into the pocket on the outside of the coat and sew the corners to the front and back of your coat (the corners will be the same width).


Flip the coat over and fold the edges to create a pocket on each side of the top of the jacket.


Use a small scissors to trim off any excess fabric at the edges of the pockets.


Insert your pocket into the back, right under the front seam and right under your front collar and hem.


Sew your front, right side and back pockets to the jacket on the inside.


Place your pockets on the left side of your jacket and sew a right side hem to the top.


Repeat with the other side of jacket.


Flip over and add a zipper pocket at either side of each sleeve, and sew them together on both sides of the front.


Use the same method for both sides.


Take off your jacket.

 You now have a good jacket for the cold winter months.

The only drawback to this coat is that it doesn’t have a lot of pockets. 

What to do if your coat gets cold: First off, take it off and wash it thoroughly in cold water, then lay it on a cooling rack in a cool, dry place for several hours.

If the coat doesn�t get cold, it can be taken off and re-sued if necessary.

If it doesn� t get cold enough, take the jacket off and lay it flat for a while.

If there are any scratches or holes in the jacket, you can remove the jacket and lay the coat flat again for a bit longer, until the jacket is warm.

Then, remove the coat, wash again and lay your coat flat for another few hours. 

Next time you are out, wear the coat in a hot weather and take it out to be changed.

The jacket will probably be cold enough when you return to your home that it won�t be too warm for you to wear it again.

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