How the Clintons are spending millions to replace the House’s tea-colored carpet

The Clintons have spent millions to build a new house coat rack at their Chappaqua, New York, home that was originally designed to replace an earlier version of the coat rack that was installed in 2008.

The Clintons bought the new coat rack from a company in 2016, and are using the money to upgrade the existing coat rack.

The old one is now covered in a sheet of polyurethane foam and a vinyl coating.

It will be replaced with a new polyurendane foam coat rack and foam insulation in 2017, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The new coat racks will be installed on the second floor, but the Clintons have also installed new coat shelves on the first and third floors, the person said.

The house’s carpet was purchased in 2010 by the Clintons, and they purchased the other floors in 2008 and 2009, and used that money to install a coat rack in the basement, according a 2016 New York Times article.

The coat rack has been in use since the Clintons’ first year in the White House.

The Clintons used the coat racks for their official office in the East Wing, and for trips to the Chappaquas office, according the article.

“The Clintons’ Chappaqas residence was originally built for the President to visit in the office,” the article said.

“After the Clintons left office, they had a residence in the West Wing, which is why the President used a separate office from his office in his office.

So it was a separate space, and the Clintons were allowed to use their own office.”

In 2011, the Clintons purchased the property and began renovating it, according documents filed with the Federal Election Commission.

The House’s coat rack was originally installed in 2007.

It was installed to help the Clintons cover the space with the curtains that surround the President’s desk.

The old coat rack had the curtains rolled back, and curtains were not positioned correctly.

The new coat was designed to look like a coat dress and has a curtain that goes around the floor, which gives the impression that it is an actual coat rack,” the Times reported.

The ceiling and walls of the new house are painted a shade of yellow, but they are painted pink, which helps to make the ceiling look more inviting and invitingly decorated.

The carpet was bought for the Clintons because the Clintons needed a room for a conference room and also to replace a rug.

The rug was purchased to replace carpet that was worn down by years of living in the home, and was removed after the Clintons moved to the Whitehouse, according an official from the Clintons.

The curtains were removed to replace curtains that were worn down over time, but that did not stop the Clintons from using the old curtains as cover, according Politico.

The Chappaqs own coat rack cost $25,000 and was installed by the Chappas, the Times said.

The original coat rack for the residence cost $200,000.

The former coat rack costs $20,000 to $30,000, according New York Magazine.

The New York Daily News reported that the Clintons and their lawyers paid $300,000 for the coat-rack renovation.

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